Television is Now the Second Screen for Kids with Tablets

Of course, not all kids have tablets, and at least some of what the kids are doing on their tablets is watching videos. There’s only so much one can draw from a survey-based study, and much more that could be learned from a controlled experiment that actually gives kids the choice and reports what they do.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 12.02.53 PM[I]n households where tablets and smartphones are accessible, they’ve now taken the lead with kids as the preferred way to enjoy and explore video content.TV has become the ‘second’ or even third screen for many of these kids.

Parents in nearly half of these households say that when their kids misbehave, they take away their tablet and make them ‘watch TV instead’ as punishment – creating a generation of kids for whom ‘TV is punishment.’

And, when given the choice between dessert or more time on their tablet more kids choose the tablet. —Miner & Co. Studio

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