What TV journalists did wrong — and the New York Times did right — in meeting with Trump

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-12-58-06-pmThe Times played it right…. Off-the-record was a mistake for the TV people, and it would have been a mistake for the Times. The paper successfully called Trump’s bluff. As much as he professes to despise the Times, he remains in some ways the Queens boy who lusted after Manhattan success and acceptance. In many ways, Trump can bypass the traditional press — using YouTube or Twitter to take his message to the world without pesky journalistic fact-checking or filtering. He has masterfully manipulated the media for the past 18 months — bullying reporters, garnering billions in free publicity and portraying journalists as part of the corporate structure that must be brought down so that the people can triumph.That’s a deeply misleading and dangerous picture. In fact, U.S. citizens need an independent press more than ever.Journalists, and their corporate bosses, shouldn’t allow themselves to be used as props in Trump’s never-ending theater. —The Washington Post

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