Spring office cleaning thoughts: 1) I used to print a lot. 2) I have enough tote bags.

  1. I used to print a lot.
  2. I have enough tote bags.
  3. I found more stuff for my box of once-loved tools.
  4. It felt so good throwing away all the papers having to do with that one thing.
  5. If spiders had to crawl into one box and die, I can forgive them for choosing that other box.
  6. I used to spend a lot of time teaching students who were comfortable with books, essays, and lectures how to think laterally.
  7. It is harder to teach students comfortable with networks (technical and social) why original thinking matters (and how it differs from looking up the answer online or polling their friends).
  8. I own more books than I will ever read (or even consult).

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