I have two scenes in a horror film. My head appears in a third scene.

During Fall Break, I filmed my scenes for the horror indie The First Night of Summer.

My character is a cheesy dad who’s trying too hard to engage with his sullen teenager — played by my daughter.

While coaching us on the set, director Mark Sciubba described the dynamic he was looking for, and asked whether our relationship was similar.

We both said at the same time, “No, [I don’t/he doesn’t] even try anymore.” (Which is not entirely true, but the laugh was worth it.)

To prepare for my big scene, a couple weeks ago I spent about 20 minutes sitting perfectly still with goop hardening on my face, so that special-effects artist Shay Francis could make a mold of my face. (My skin felt wonderful afterwards… a nice side-effect.)

Yesterday I had the uncanny experience of encountering my own head on the set.

Carolyn daughter supplied the obligatory “beside myself” joke before I could get it out. (I was proud/annoyed/proud.)

Some more pics from the set coming soon. Carolyn still has an action scene to film, and there’s also a scene set in a school.


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