Another Exclusive Exposes a Royal Family Lie #FakeNews

You sheep who trust the lamestream fake news media think you know them as Prince Charles, the heir to the UK throne, and Prince Harry; but this exclusive from exposes them as a married couple who died of COVID-19 within hours of each other.

You’ve heard of They’re the source that exposed this lie:

I treat my ignorance like a delicate flower, so I won’t see for myself how this UK Mirror story about two COVID-19 victims is almost buried by unrelated video on Prince Charles and Prince Harry. If I did, I might notice the pictures of the coronavirus victims way down at the bottom of the article, and I might conclude that the image-scraping bot screwed up again.  Instead, I’ll just attack journalists.

Nice try, #lamestream #fakenews enemies of the American people. Thanks to an image-scraping bot that sees through your professionally fact-checked America-hating lies, we can convince ourselves to mistrust the independent free press.

We are sheep, hear our mighty bleats!