Minneapolis Police Injure, Arrest Journalists Covering Protests

Throughout the protests over the death of George Floyd, journalists have been injured and arrested covering the unrest. That trend continued Saturday and there were examples across the country but journalists on the ground in Minneapolis expressed dismay at how law enforcement officials seemed to be targeting members of the media. In the Friday night protests, Linda Tirado, was shot in the left eye while covering the protests in Minneapolis. Tirado, who believes she was shot with a rubber bullet, said she has permanently lost vision in her left eye. “Starting to see a pattern of police targeting the media in Minneapolis,” tweeted Brandon Stahl, a reporter with local NBC affiliate KARE 11. Chris Serres, a reporter for the Star Tribune, wrote that he was “twice ordered at gunpoint by Minneapolis police to hit the ground” and officers warned that if he moved “an inch” he’d be shot and showing his press badge made no difference. —Slate

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