Daughter is in 2 theatrical productions opening this weekend

The daughter plays Laertes in Seton Hill’s free, live Zoom production of Hamlet (with a film noir theme) which opens tonight at 8. (The first half will be performed tonight and next Friday; the next half will be performed Saturday and next Saturday.)

Free tickets to Seton Hill’s livestreaming video production of Hamlet

Through the magic of recorded audio (not live), the daughter is also part of PICT Classic Theatre’s brand new audio production of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll, the first Actors Equity Association project in Pittsburgh since the pandemic closed all the theatres.

PICT is the first troupe in Pittsburgh during the pandemic to receive permission from Actors’ Equity Association to offer full-contract work, meaning performers get union scale plus health and pension benefits. The union’s strict safety rules — along with limits on the size of indoor gatherings — have prevented most troupes that employ Equity actors from rehearsing or performing in person during the pandemic. —WESA-FM

$13.95 ticket for access (for 72 hours) to Pict Classic Theatre’s audio play, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll.

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