If You’re An English Major You Should Take a Journalism Class–Even If You Think You Hate Journalism

Journalism is not everyone’s cup of tea. The short, blunt paragraphs and inverted pyramid that tells readers exactly who, what, where, when and how from the get-go are creative writers’ worst nightmares. There is virtually no element of suspense, no character development, and no world building. Right?

Well, not exactly.

Just like creative writing, journalism is detail-driven and can include humor and depth. Quotations add dimension and often a human-touch to a news story. Experienced journalists know to keep bias out of their writing, however, by carefully crafting what details they include, they can give even the most boring news story some personalized flair. And a news feature slows down the journalistic pace and really allows readers to gain a deep sense of a topic or person through real accounts and personal stories. In short, journalism can be just as personal and creative as other forms of writing.

But why should all English majors, even those who think they are solely creative writers, take a class in journalism? –Chelsianna Havko, English Careers Blog

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