What do you think… is it safe to throw out this to-do list from 1989?

As an undergrad, every morning before I headed out for the day, I would print my schedule (on a clackety dot-matrix printer that took fan-fold paper). At this point I don’t think I was using any fancy software, just keeping a list in a text editor.

I had 9 credits of internships as an undergrad, and don’t remember what the noon interview was.

It looks like I must have scheduled the 3pm event while I was on the road. I don’t remember who Ben was, but I took a lot of photos, for the school paper, for the Department of Drama, and as a freelancer. (In an age when people didn’t carry cameras around with them 24/7, and when if you did have a camera you had to make a special trip to a drugstore to get your photos developed, I earned spending money by showing up at club events, taking about 50 pictures, printing out a sheet of thumbnails, and leaving it on the club bulletin board with my phone number.)

  1. George Garrett was an English professor (and novelist of historical fiction).
  2. I wrote out paper checks, put them in envelopes with special symbols and stickers, and trusted strangers to deliver them to my creditors. Amazing!
  3. Tom is probably the recently-graduated photo editor of the University Journal (where I was an assistant editor).
  4. I dated Pam for several years. I don’t recall what the book was, but she was an English major and we took several classes together.
  5. I don’t recall what “Heritage” or “Getting Out” means, or why I would have needed to take them to the camera shop.
  6. I don’t remember what this paper was.
  7. I think this was a modern drama class, that I was taking with Pam.
  8. The plane tickets were for a trip to Italy that spring. (Pam and I stayed with a friend of mine who lived in Venice, and we also visited Rome for a few days… we happened to be in Milan the night that Milan won the European Cup against Romania, 4-0. We had no idea at first why the streets outside our pensione suddenly erupted with cheering crowds, who honked horns and cheered for hours.)
  9. I had a work-study job in the drama department that included painting billboards. so that’s probably what the “signs for Joe” task was. Joe was the name of one of the professors, who was probably my supervisor.

Dave Levey played Erronius in the production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (where I played Pseudolus, and where Pam was a Protean). I don’t remember why I wrote down his name.

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