Whispers of the Past-Herb Morrison and the Hindenburg

In this short documentary, I voice Herb Morrison, the radio reporter famous for narrating the 1937 crash of the Hindenberg — 85 years ago this month. It was an honor to learn more about this man (born in nearby Scottdale, Pa.) and to interpret his words.

Local history can be so fascinating!

Herb Morrison, native of Scottdale, PA, witnessed the first air disaster in US history in 1937. While that is part of his life story, that’s not all Morrison did in his life. The story recounts his life and features his memories of the disaster.


One thought on “Whispers of the Past-Herb Morrison and the Hindenburg

  1. A super job by all! The voices of each take me to the town of Scottdale and now I know “the rest of the story.” Morrison’s recording lives on to educate us all.

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