Filmmakers Find Section of Destroyed Space Shuttle Challenger on Ocean Floor

Instead of World War II-era plane debris, the team discovered a modern-looking aviation structure. After consulting with an outside expert and completing a second dive in May 2022, the TV film crew presented the evidence to former NASA astronaut Bruce Melnick, who suspected it was a piece of the Challenger. Based on that information, the series’ producers brought the find to the attention of NASA and in August 2022, Ciannilli confirmed it was a significant remnant of the fallen shuttle.

“The significance of this large section of Challenger’s structure was readily apparent,” underwater explorer Mike Barnette, who led the History Channel team that made the discovery, said in a statement released by A+E Networks. “We recognized the necessity of bringing this find to the immediate attention of NASA. The site, which is outside of the Bermuda Triangle off the Florida coast, marks the loss of seven brave astronauts—fellow explorers.” Scientific American

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