Microsoft “lobotomized” AI-powered Bing Chat, and its fans aren’t happy

Microsoft limits long conversations to address “concerns being raised.”


These deeply human reactions have proven that people can form powerful emotional attachments to a large language model doing next-token prediction. That might have dangerous implications in the future. Over the course of the week, we’ve received several tips from readers about people who believe they have discovered a way to read other people’s conversations with Bing Chat, or a way to access secret internal Microsoft company documents, or even help Bing chat break free of its restrictions. All were elaborate hallucinations (falsehoods) spun up by an incredibly capable text-generation machine.

As the capabilities of large language models continue to expand, it’s unlikely that Bing Chat will be the last time we see such a masterful AI-powered storyteller and part-time libelist. But in the meantime, Microsoft and OpenAI did what was once considered impossible: We’re all talking about Bing. —ArsTechnica

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