Trouble importing UMA clothes from Blender 3.6

In Blender3D, I created a jumpsuit, rigged and weighted it with the UMA_Male_Rig, and created a simple animation (right).

From within Unity3D, I can see the animation just fine, which seems to tell me the model is properly weighted (lower left).

I’ve carefully watched every second of Secret Anorak’s “UMA 201 – Part 5: Converting Clothing Models: tutorial, but at the step step where he adds his “torso” costume to his UMA Dynamic Character, and its just works for him, my clothing is all twisted around my character (far left).

I tried adding s simple cube and it too, was twisted. 

I have no idea what to do.

I’m using Unity 2022.3.0 and Blender 3.6 on a Mac.


2 thoughts on “Trouble importing UMA clothes from Blender 3.6

  1. Most likely the problem was I wasn’t exporting the clothes along with the armature to which they are linked. Either they weren’t paired to any armature, or I didn’t export the armature that they were paired to.

  2. I gleaned from comments on that YouTube video that the workaround is to follow the instructions for exporting to an FBX document. I tried that, and it seemed not to work, but apparently the problem is checking off a unit conversion box that had resulted in the imported clothes being 1% of the expected size.

    It’s been a long day. More details later.

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