What It Means If You’re A ‘Paragraph Texter’

A very fluffy article that does a good job diving into an everyday thing and sharing expert opinions. While some of these sources are simply random people, others have specialized skills and training that makes their opinions newsworthy enough to provide some substance to a not-exactly-hard-news story.

Some of us just can’t get our thoughts down to a drip, and prefer getting everything off our chest at once. If we’re planning a Friday night out, we try to include all the details from the jump: time, place, dress code. If we’re in a heated conversation with our partner, expect a novel.

Kathilia Edghill, a therapist who lives in Barbados, is also a paragraph texter, though she prefers to think of it more as being an intentional communicator.

“My thoughts or feelings about something are usually multifaceted and layered,” she said. “Communicating in blocks helps me to keep things together, and creates a space where my thoughts can flow well together, which hopefully results in more clarity for the reader.” —HuffPost

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