Oh dear, George Lucas! Why the Star Wars universe is going from bad to worse

Though I always preferred a different franchise, I loved the first Star Wars trilogy. The other trilogies? Not so much. And I haven’t followed any of the Star Wars TV shows, but the Shakespeare reference in this review of Ahsoka really caught my eye. Ouch!

More pressingly, it’s just exhausting to sit through yet another thin slice of Star Wars. Disney+ has stuffed its gullet with so many Star Wars spin-offs that it’s hard not to feel bored by the whole operation. The iconography is the same. The sets are the same. All the characters sigh all their stilted expositionary dialogue in the same bored-sounding way, while a nonstop John Williams soundalike score farts away in the background. Nobody laughs. Nobody gets excited. It’s like listening to a class of shortsighted 11-year-olds read Shakespeare from a set of distant cue cards. There’s so much baggage to deal with that the story in these shows is an afterthought. Which is fortunate for Ahsoka, given that it doesn’t have one. —Guardian

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