The A.V. Club’s AI-Generated Articles Are Copying Directly From IMDb

I’ve enjoyed human-written A/V Club articles in the past. I see no reason to seek out articles written by bots that copy existing material word-for-word and add no value. The company G/O, mentioned in the clip below, owns the A.V. Club and is behind the shift to bot-authored articles:

“A/V Club [sic] licenses content from IMBD [sic],” a G/O spokesperson said in response to our questions, misspelling the names of both The A.V. Club and IMDb. “AI was used to search the massive IMBD [sic] library to cull the list that was used in the story.”

That’s a very vague answer, and one that unintentionally highlights the ridiculousness of the AI gold rush in media. If G/O’s system is just querying IMDb’s database and gluing the resulting data into a Frankenstein article, what exactly is the so-called “AI Engine” doing? What specific AI tech, if any, is the company using? From what we can tell, whatever the “AI” is doing in the A.V. Club‘s case could be achieved with a simple script cobbled together long before the advent of software like ChatGPT. —Futurism

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