Such pictures fill my weekday world at five

Such pictures fill my weekday world at five.

The yellow crime tape flutters at the scene

Of yesterday’s event. You’re there, on screen,

Square-jaw’d Slick Goodhair, you’re reporting live.

But first, “Are you depress’d? Or weak, or dumb?

This pill, this car, this show, this boy, this chick,

This beer, this low-carb pizza on a stick

Will banish pesky thoughts.” Oh, bliss… I’m numb!

“Tonight! Police continuing their hunt

For signs of blue-eyed Dumpling Goldilocks;

But first, the Mayor Quoteworth talks and talks;

The traffic’s bad; no rain; replay that punt.”

That I may live in thee, secure and whole,

Stay on, TV, and teleprompt my soul.

Dennis G. JerzSuch pictures fill my weekday world at five (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

My students are doing a Sonnet Slam tomorrow, and they asked whether I was going to contribute a poem. I hadn’t planned to, but I figured what the heck.

I had my colleague, Al Wendland, peer-review it for me.