In Defense of Play

“Children don’t go to work in either family businesses (which are fewer and fewer), nor do they go to work to help support their families as in the past. These are small-scale examples but they speak to a larger societal issue: we have taken away nearly all of the ‘traditional’ past-times of children and replaced them with television [first – pre 1985] and games [second – post 1985]. And we (the older community) have made little to no effort to understand games, only shoved our children in front of them and said ‘don’t bother me’. Is it any wonder that there are now mini-vans with game consoles built into the back seat? I haven’t seen a solid response as to what, exactly, our children are supposed to be doing, just ‘not those games’.” Andy Phelps

In Defense of PlayGot Game?)

This new blog, focusing on computer games in society and in academia, looks very promising.