Bloggers Tool Up (Six Apart announces TypePad)

“TypePad is the first new consumer-grade weblogging product in more than a year, but it shows a change in the marketplace: grabbing the new middle ground of users who want all the advanced features of a self-hosted weblog, but none of the tears of having to learn about Linux or Perl or FTP. This should elevate the standard of weblogs in general, as it does away with any correlation between technical skill and artistic merit. We will no longer be reliant on geeks for top quality weblog reading. It takes the seething masses and pulls them up to the same technical level as the best Movable Type tweakers and hackers.”

Bloggers Tool Up (Six Apart announces TypePad)Guardian)

It’s good to see competitors emerge — that will delay the (inevitable?) transformation of Google/Blogger from cool innovators into stuffy bad guys.