Writing Resources and a Rainbow Hector Site

“Yes, in the world of blogs there are people who specialize in writing for the web. One of those is Dennis Jerz, a good weblog friend of mine. What do I mean by a weblog friend? A weblog is where people are turned into webpages. Dennis has turned himself into webpages in Literacy Weblog. I read his pages, we interact through email and occasionally I quote his site, and he links to interesting ideas on my weblog. Some good resources here in Literacy Weblog, and you can also see the other side of Dennis by exploring his site and finding the utterly pointless Rainbow Hector Weblog. Who is Rainbow Hector and what has that got to do with writing and learning to write?” Elwyn JenkinsWriting Resources and a Rainbow Hector Site (Microdoc News)

The Microdoc uses my utterly pointless (and sadly out-of-date) Rainbow Hector website to make a point about how weblogs organize information in a manner that assists search engines (for the three or four people in the world who are dying to know more about Rainbow Hector).