Blake's 7 Set for Hi-tech Return

One of the stars of cult sci-fi series Blake’s 7 has signed a deal to bring the show back to screens more than 20 years after it ended.
Paul Darrow, who played the ruthless anti-hero Avon, is in a consortium that has acquired the rights to the show from the widow of its creator, Terry Nation.
Blake’s 7 Set for Hi-tech Return (BBC)

Blake’s 7 is a wonderful British soap-opera style TV show, following an episodic format that J. Michael Straczynski followed for Babylon 5. The special effects were cheesy, but the portrait of a small band of criminals on the run from an even more evil Federation was excellent (in the first three seasons anyway). And the series finale — a close-up on the psychotic anti-hero, a final chilling gunshot, and then blackout: no explanation, no apologies.