WashPo Embarasses Itself with Hysterical WiFi FUD Article

“I’m no more “unprotected” from spammers on my WiFi node (something I’ve yet to see a single published account of, despite the continuous warnings about it) than I am from spammers sending Nigerian 419 letters from the next terminal at the library. It’s like saying that restauranteurs are “unprotected” from bank robbers who use a back table to plan their next job. Sure, they’re “unprotected.” So what?” Cory DoctorowWashPo Embarasses Itself with Hysterical WiFi FUD Article (Boing Boing)

Cory Doctorow fisks a Washington Post article on WiFi security, and sees a conspiracy of old business and software protection scams behind the “Fear Uncertainty and Doubt” (FUD) spread by this article.