The Semantic Web

“Most of the Web’s content today is designed for humans to read, not for computer programs to manipulate meaningfully. Computers can adeptly parse Web pages for layout and routine processing?here a header, there a link to another page?but in general, computers have no reliable way to process the semantics: this is the home page of the Hartman and Strauss Physio Clinic, this link goes to Dr. Hartman’s curriculum vitae. | The Semantic Web will bring structure to the meaningful content of Web pages, creating an environment where software agents roaming from page to page can readily carry out sophisticated tasks for users.” Berners-Lee, Hendler and LassilaThe Semantic Web (Scientific American)

A long article — I haven’t had time to look through it all. Thanks for reminding me about this, Jim.

Update: Well, that wasn’t so long after all. I’m dialing up over a slow modem connection, so I was rather intimidated by the number of nav subpages — I didn’t want to download all those ads eight more times. But fortuantely the “print format” link is much easier to read.

On another note… when Jim sent me the URL of this page, it was so long that the last 2 characters scrolled off onto the next line. I didn’t notice that problem when I clicked the link. Use shorter URLs, Scientific American!