Elfpunk/Urban Fantasy [List of Books]

Fantasy stories of elves, dragons, and other denizens of faerie who intersect with the gritty streets of today’s cities. —Elfpunk/Urban Fantasy [List of Books] (Readers Advice)

Elfpunk, modeled on “cyberpunk.”

Amazing… I asked my journalism students to submit a report on a modern-day crime committed by a well-known fictional character, and the example I gave was from nursery rhymes, though some students chose fantasy/fairy tale settings. (My goal was first for them to have a little fun, and second to have some practice texts to work with later in the term when we talk about the rules for reporting on crime without violating the rights of victims or suspects.) I didn’t realize that the genre actually has a name.

Thanks, Nick, for giving me yet another reason to lie awake and worry at night.

Update: If you’re following the SF/Fantasy thread, I’ve added an update to my original Spider Robinson post.