PCs call Liberal leader a ''kitten eater''

”Dalton McGuinty: He’s an evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet,” said a release from Eves’s campaign headquarters, e-mailed to news organizations across the province on Friday morning in the latest, and oddest, Tory attack on the Liberal leader…. ”I think someone either had way too much coffee this morning or had way too much time,” Eves said in a hastily arranged media availability on the campaign trail. —PCs call Liberal leader a ”kitten eater” (Canada.com)

I kind of miss Canadian politics. I was riveted to the TV a few years back when Quebec just barely rejected a referendum that would have had it secede from Canada (though as I recall the leaders of the secession movement planned to retain use of the Canadian dollar and all the existing Canadian embassies, but not to take with them a share of the Canadian national debt).

Just one question… how necessary is the term “media availability“? When working for a news radio station, I tried to correct anybody who referred to a “press conference,” but the term I used was “news conference.”