Pinch Me: I'm a Full-Time Historian

Twice in the last 10 minutes, people have interrupted me with telephone calls, once to admonish me for missing a meeting and again to remind me about another one this afternoon. My syllabus isn’t quite done yet but a student has just e-mailed me for a copy of it. The computer in my office is possessed by demons, and I cannot for the life of me get a story idea about Texas home schooling out of my head. Most ominously of all, there’s a stream of ants marching up my window sill and I have no idea whom to call about it. —James E. McWilliams
Pinch Me: I’m a Full-Time Historian (Chronicle)

This article is really about a part-time academic adjusting to his first full-time faculty job. But it was the above paragraph that motivated me to blog it… I have days like that, too.