Signifyin' at the MLA

Thus we are pleased to announce the winners of The Chronicle’s First Annual Awards for Self-Consciously Provocative MLA Paper Titles (also known as the Provokies). All selections are cited as listed in the program for the 119th MLA Annual Convention, to be held this month in San Diego. (In other words, no paper titles were made up.)…[T]he judges quickly reached consensus on Most Provocative Panel Title: “Apertures and Orifices in Chaucer.” As luck would have it, Most Provocative Paper Title went to a presentation to be delivered during that same session: “‘The Entree Was Long and Streit, and Gastly for to See’: Visual and Verbal Penetration in the Knight’s Tale,” by Disa Gambera of the University of Utah. —Scott McLemeeSignifyin’ at the MLA (Chronicle)

One of my favorite MLA paper titles was “The Semiotics of Sinatra,” presented by the former chair of the University of Toronto’s English department. (Yes, that’s Frank Sinatra.)