Choose Your Own Adventure Assignment

In this assignment you will be required to read/play and answer questions about a book from the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) series of ?gamebooks.? The series was published 1979-1998. Many people assume that electronic literature (interactive fiction, hypertext, what-have-you) is simply a souped up version of CYOA. The purpose of this assignment is to take a closer look at that assumption based on what you know about the history and theory of cybertext. —Matt Kirschenbaum
Choose Your Own Adventure Assignment (MGK)

Wow. Not only do I love the assignment, I’m in awe of the web environment in which it is presented.

I recently posted a rant against bloated commercial courseware that locks curricular content in a proprietary database; and about seven hours ago I recently posted a comment prompted by a thread I found via Liz Lawley’s website, but I didn’t know that Lawley is a MoveableType courseware genius.

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