The Muse of the Video Game

The only way to get the industry to take risks on games that explore the missing themes of human experience heartbreak, betrayal, anticipation, jealousy, despair, eternal hope, grief, and so many others is to nurture students who are inspired and who are capable of inspiring others with their vision…. If academics can help instill inspiration, then the industry will find itself compelled by its undeniable humanity to take risks on unpredictably useful projects. And I’ll bet many of those projects will also become massive commercial successes.

So what’s the downside? This is a long-term project. I cannot commit to a return-on-investment proposition for inspiration, for talent, for art. This isn’t just about reaping convenient rewards from university-funded experimental projects, getting cheap labor through internships, or plucking brilliant designers out of short-term certificate programs. —Ian BogostThe Muse of the Video Game (IGDA)