Video diary from beyond the grave

A US inventor has come up with a hi-tech way of allowing the deceased to talk from beyond the grave – by fixing video screens to their tombstones.

Robert Barrows says people could leave video messages before they died, to be played to friends, loved ones or the just plain curious from the grave side. —Video diary from beyond the grave (BBC News)

Hmm…. the web story runs without a picture of the invention, and the inventor was speaking on radio, where he wouldn’t be expected to show a sample.

Okay, BBC News, let’s google for Robert Barrows…

Bigfoot – Major Bigfoot Expedition Seeking Participation From Corporate Sponsors and Journalists

And on “”, “An adult male Bigfoot is shown here eating the entrails of some kind of animal….”

While a talented inventor may also happen to believe in bigfoot, an while these may be two different people with the same name, a good reporter ought at least to investigate. Is it any coincidence that “” is the home page for an advertising and marketing company? The website proudly displays its 1996 web design aesthetic (gotta love those HTML frames) and is happily “optimized for Netscape 2.0”.

Cf “The Final Curtain” (a hoax by Joey Skaggs, who every year sends out a press release about a huge “April Fools’ Day Parade” — tricking sloppy researchers into showing up with their cameras and notebooks.)

Whoops, my two-year old has just removed all her clothes and marched through the kitchen in a bid for attention from me. I seriously hope she outgrows that stategy in a few years, but clearly I need to log off.