Can they really be this stupid?

In short… Someone wrote a really DUMB web scraper, and harassed me with it. —Peter SeebachCan they really be this stupid?

Peter Seebach, who happens to host, also hosts a variety of sites dealing with interactive fiction. He recently got an e-mail from the Entertainment Software Association that threatens him with legal action for hosting a pirated copy of Doom 3, the iD Software title that was leaked to the internet a few weeks ago.

The only problem is that the file “” is actually “Last Days of Doom,” part of a trilogy of interactive fiction games created by Peter Killworth (originally for Topologika). The third “Doom” title was released in 1999, and is about 114k in size.

(So it’s obviously not an archived version of a full-budget professional game, since those titles typically fill up a CD and often run to multiple CDs.)