Classroom Blogging

Blogging is good. So is school. This we know. And when you put them together, they create something even better. This is the main point in Terra Williams and Charles Lowe’s article, Moving to the Public: Weblogs in the Writing Classroom.

The article makes the argument that blogging can be an effective classroom tool. I agree. Not only does blogging provide an outlet for student creativity and expression, but it just makes more sense. In my Writing for the Internet class (which we all know and love), Dr. Jerz uses a class weblog to do basically everything. What makes a class weblog so useful is that students can access important information easily. Simply by clicking on the different levels of the blog, I can see the syllabus, my assignments, and important due dates. Without the blog, I would be completely lost. —Vanessa KolbergClassroom Blogging (Special K)

Vanessa wrote this a few weeks ago and submitted it as part of her blogging portfolio. It attracted comments from one classmate who heartily agreed, and one who was less convinced.