Star Trek Personality Test

Kirk.jpgStar Trek Personality Test

Apparently I’m the middle-aged, toupee-sporting movie-era Kirk, though I’m 36 now, which is about the age of the TV-era Kirk.

Ah, well… I’m still Shatner, and to be Shatner is good! My wife picked up two more Star Trek paperbacks for me at the library booksale… one tells of Spock’s first voyage on the Enterprise (under Capt. Pike), and the other tells of the end of the original five-year mission. I’m also reading the book that tells of Kirk’s first mission on the Enterprise. I’m not expecting great things from these books, but since the wife and kids are off visiting grandparents in Texas, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands, even after doing the laundry, weeding the lawn, marking papers, reviewing a book for a publisher, and playing The Longest Journey for about four hours yesterday.