The Wall Street Journal on April 11 wrote that ?despite the occasional controversial article, many of the reader-written sites look more like church bulletin boards than, say, the New York Times.?

Let‘snot dismiss church bulletin boards. When I wrote editorials in Omaha, Neb., I watched a Republican candidate win his way into Congress via a campaign conducted mostly on church bulletin boards. I suspect that in the most recent U.S. presidential election, church bulletin boards delivered far more votes than the New York Times did. We should hope that our work rises to the level of influence and inspires the loyalty of a church bulletin board. —Robert Niles
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Virtual roundtable: Grassroots journalism leaders discuss the nitty-gritty
 (Online Journalism Review)

From the intro to a “virtual roundtable” with Mike Noe, Lauren Ward, and Lex Alexander, ” some people who actually are making grassroots journalism work for their publications.”