Salute to the good people

Yay for the students who…

  • …hand in their assignment a week early and still manage to go above and beyond what is asked of them.
  • …write far more than the required minimum by the time you ask for a rough draft.
  • …progress from a C on the first exam to an A on the third exam.
  • …want their final papers back after the semester is over.
  • …produce a high-quality original video when asked to present a visual aid for their group presentation.
  • …e-mail me after the semester is over and ask what you’re teaching next semester, so they can take a class with you again.
  • …consistently model your perception of exceptional performance on every assignment.

Yes, I do get these people. Not as often as I get the slackers who throw out all of their notes after an exam is over, but often enough. And they make me happy. —Adjunct KaitSalute to the good people (Did we do anything important today?)

Thanks for the reminder, Kait.

It’s hard to figure out where to draw the line, how to come across as personable and friendly in my role as newspaper adviser, but still establish a professional academic environment that holds students accountable for their actions. Which incidents or omissions do I let pass without comment, and which require a more serious response?

Even the best students are human, and you can’t expect them to be their best all the time. Neither can I be always at my best. Sometimes students have smelled my weaknesses and used them against me in completely inappropriate ways, and sometimes students have sent personal notes that come at precisely the right time (thanks, Moira!).

So far, the good continues to outweigh the bad.