Video gaming serious subject at DU

“They develop both left-brain technical thinking as well as right-brain artistic thinking (skills), combined with traditional university liberal arts training,” said Scott Leutenegger, associate professor and coordinator of the game-development program. “This is going to become something that’s needed for more jobs over the next 10 to 30 years.”

Schutz said the program “keeps both sides of my brain happy” by combining computers and art. “The creation of this major really focuses my efforts.” —Kimberly S. JohnsonVideo gaming serious subject at DU (Denver Post)

4 thoughts on “Video gaming serious subject at DU

  1. When I left, I seem to recall that a hiring freeze was in place in the UW system, so my former colleagues had an extra motivation to run with their strengths. Besides, a program needs to develop and adapt in order to survive.

  2. I recently graduated from UW-Eau Claire with my BA in Literature and minor in that Technical Writing program, which is now called Sci-Tech. Writing, geared toward training technical communicators to become marketable in science and health related fields. Most of the courses I took, including ones under Dennis, are considered “old curriculum” now. Looking at what newer Literature majors and Technical Writing students are required to take seems foreign to me after six years at Eau Claire. Clearly their training will be different from mine.

  3. In some cases the curriculum is more business-oriented, but the better programs do recognize the value of creative ability.

    The technical writing major at my previous school was hit after the dot-com bust, as well. A number of students who had expected to get great jobs simply because they knew how to make basic web pages were a little disappointed.

  4. Great article…I had no idea that the Computer Science major was dwindling away so quickly in popularity! I like how DU’s “Game Development” major infuses graphic design and art into their programming emphasis — good interdisciplinary focus. I wonder if they’re getting any training in the narrative arts or communications.

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