Confessions of a First Time Blogger

In a meeting today, I learned that there is such a place as the ?blogosphere.? I thought the speaker was joking, and so appropriately, I giggled. The stern look I received in response jolted me to the realization that not only was this not a joke, but that I was the fool for not knowing that this was a valid term in? well? the blogosphere. At that moment, I felt as tech-illiterate as my mother (who recently called to ask how to bold and italicize font in her Yahoo e-mail.)

Weeks ago I had been tasked to write my first blog for the Ardell site. Never short on opinions (someone once told me that I am ?as subtle as dynamite?) I was nevertheless scrambling for what to say. —KellyConfessions of a First Time Blogger (imPRint)

Welcome to the blogosphere. (Are you watching the “drive-by blogging” meme, Evan?)