Original Alice work in 3D online

The original handwritten manuscript of what became Alice in Wonderland has been put online using software to virtually turn the pages.

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, by Lewis Carroll, is the latest 3D addition to the British Library’s Turning the Pages collection of books. —Original Alice work in 3D online (BBC)

I had to hunt on the British Library website to find a link to the page this article is talking about. That’s completely silly — what a waste of an online news item if it reports on a web page but doesn’t include a link to it. I’d also say that “in 3D” is a bit misleading. It’s just a digital manipulation of a 2D scan. And instead of just clicking on a page to make it turn, you have to click and drag, but half the time the page slips out of my virtual fingers, so I have to grab at it again. Annoying.

I’m not sure the direct link to Alice will work, but here’s the Turning the Pages table of contents.

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