Comfortably Numb

I wonder what they call it when you can’t think of what to write in a weblog? Writer’s Blog, weblock? —Anna-MarieComfortably Numb (ilex)

One of Mike Vitia‘s students coins a term.

Students in several of my classes are engaging in drive-by blogging, which is the flurry of entries that one posts just before the blogging portfolio is due. That’s a very different issue than weblock, though it can be just as stressful.

UPDATE: At this moment, the night before the blog portfolios are due in my largest class, is out. It’s never out for long, but the timing couldn’t be more stressful for the students. (I don’t plan to do the “if you hadn’t fallen behind in your blogging you wouldn’t feel like it was the end of the world” routine on them. I’d rather be merciful, especially this early in the term.)

UPDATE: The blogs are back up. I can’t take any credit for it — I sent an e-mail to the site administrator and within a half hour, yippee, everything seems to be working.