Pinter wins Nobel literary prize

Jack: So …. [pause]

Jack: So he won then. [pause]

Jill: Yes.

Jack: Yes. [longer pause]

Jack: He waited long enough.

Jill: Yes.

Jack: Yes … he did. [pause]

Jill: Yes, he certainly waited long enough.

Jack: Words. [pause]

Jill: What?

Jack: Words, in conversion, he was good at that. [pause]

Jill: Yes … he waited long enough.

Jack: I think… [pause]

Jill: …and pauses, he was good at that too.

Jack: Yes.

Jill: Yes. [pause]

Jack: Yes. [pause] I think his word/time ratio was the smallest ever heard.

Jill: Yes.

Jack: Yes. [pause]

Jill: Yes, he waited long enough…

Jack: Well done, that’s what they say…

Jill: Yes, they do say that…

Jack: Well done, like the toast… [long pause]… How’s your cornflakes, then?

… and so on..

John Grady, Wokingham, Berks,UK —Pinter wins Nobel literary prize (BBC)

From a comment appended to the article.