Source SDK Known Issues

In the new SDK it is necessary to build the client and server DLLs before running the MOD. Please build them if you see this message when trying to run the MOD.

Image:Couldnotloadclient.JPGSource SDK Known Issues (Valve Sofware)

Chris Sherman from SHU’s helpdesk has spent several hours helping me try to get the Half-Life 2 SDK working in a classroom lab for EL 405: New Media Projects. We’re making progress. Once we gave the students SuperUser access to individual computers in the lab, we’ve been able to install Half-Life 2 so that the game plays. We’ve also been able to install the editor, so that students can create levels. But when we try to compile and run the maps, we get the above error message. When I track down this error message, it looks like we’ll need to install Microsoft .net (which is a huge mega-installation that opens up a whole new can of worms). I know I didn’t install that on my laptop, and I remember reading somewhere that there’s an alternative C++ compiler that works with the HL2 SDK. I also noticed that that particular lab has Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 installed, and there does seem to be a conversion utility that lets you change the HL2 files so that Visual Studio 6.0 can use them. But that’s not something I can fiddle with at home — I have to be at the lab in order to try that. So I’m going to keep looking.

Students have been able to install Inform 7 and Blender 3D on the lab computers without any trouble. We purchased site licenses for The Games Factory 2 and Flash, so those never gave us any problems.

I’ve still got a couple of weeks before I’m scheduled to teach HL2 modding. At the moment, while it would be awkward and silly, I could have the students e-mail me the maps they make during the classroom exercises, and they could run them on my laptop. But that’s hardly an ideal solution. (I really wish Tim Holt’s Half-Life 2 modding book were out… sigh.)