YouTube video got me a presenting job on BBC

Miss Weaser, from Tufnell Park, began testing gadgets for the blogging website Shiny Media, which posted the one-minute video clips on YouTube. The films included her demonstrating mobile phones, laptops, a GPS and even a Cyberman head.

In September, they were spotted by producers from TV company Princess Productions, which had been commissioned to make the new programme for BBC2.

After a phone call and a quick screen test, Ms Weaser had the job. Mike Worsley of Princess Productions said: “She’s a natural and is very interactive with an audience.” —YouTube video got me a presenting job on BBC (Daily Mail)

We’re still in a transitional period, when traditional media raid the new media for talent.

I’m happy for Susi Weaser, but I look forward to a future when the Susi Weasers of the world won’t feel like they have to be noticed by a TV producer to feel they have succeeded.