Two-Year in Hell

Inside Higher Ed goes to hell.

Job Listing #666. University of Hell at Seventh Circle. Visiting
Assistant Professor, two years (with possibility of converting to
tenure-track position at culmination of two-year appointment).
Beginning September 2009. Teaching load of forty-three courses per
semester, with no more than thirty-nine preparations (i.e. instructor
will teach more than one section of some courses). No official
committee duties, but will be expected to contribute occasionally to
departmental administrative work. Competitive salary, given local
economy. Candidate must exhibit evidence of strong potential for both
research and teaching, and significant flexibility in his/her
expectations. For further information, repeat the name “Mizrakreth,
Chair of Hiring Committee” three times.

Raymond stroked his chin thoughtfully. After a minute he began
chanting “Mizrakreth…” After all, it couldn’t hurt just to get a bit
more information.