Passing the Phaser: 10 Tips for Turning Geeklets into Trekkies

With the recent release of the new Star Trek, I started to wonder how is this going to affect the kids? Thankfully, mine have heard of and have watched plenty of the original series, so I didn’t have to worry about their state of mind.
But there are a lot of kids out there who think that this new movie is Star Trek. That it’s some flashy action adventure space movie with chiseled young actors and massive special effects. While that’s all well and good, since it’s a reboot for the purpose of gathering new fans, I think it’s important that kids have a sense of history when it comes to things as influential as Star Trek. GeekDad, Wired

My 7-year-old daughter just finished watching a YouTube version of More Tribbles, More Troubles, the 1970s animated return of the Tribbles.

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