Some Professors Losing Their Twitter Jitters

I missed this when it came out a few weeks ago.

At Hopkins, Knudson uses Twitter as an extension of the classroom,
asking students to raise questions, hold discussions online, keep up
with breaking news and share links to interesting stories. She believes
the limited number of characters allowed is a useful way to remember to
choose words carefully, cut clutter and realize how much can be said in
a small space, like a haiku.

There are people known for their writing on Twitter. As one example,
she pointed to Arjun Basu, who has thousands of followers for his
short-story tweets:
“The marriage ended somewhere on a two lane road south of Cleveland.
The kids in the backseat sensed it too. The kid in the trunk had no
idea.”– Susan Kinzie, Washington Post

My wife was horrified when she turned on the computer to look something up online, and noticed that my blog now includes a Twitter feed. “I learned to deal with the idea of you being on Facebook,” she said, “but Twitter?”

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