Scratch: Making a Simple Breakout Game

What are the capabilities of MIT’s Scratch, a kid-friendly programming tool?

In about 30 minutes, I create a working ball-and-paddle game. The last two videos show some further tweaking for another 15 minutes.  I presented these videos to my students in the context of a unit on games and education.

4 thoughts on “Scratch: Making a Simple Breakout Game

  1. I do not understand your video at all. I followed all your instructions and I CANNOT get the ball to bounce. This video does not show the important piece of the puzzle, getting the ball to be able to bounce through one of the other scripts.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. We are just getting started with our second Semester with Scratch and games. I always get a kick out of the look on kids faces as they start thinking through the process with game creating and Scratch. Lots of playing thinking and learning.

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