Videogame Culture and Theory at Seton Hill

One of the great parts about this job is stumbling upon
nuggets of discussion not often talked about on other gaming sites. One
such cornucopia of information is the various colleges that teach
classes on videogames and the blogs posted by students and
professors in reference to those classes.

I’ve pointed out a few in the past, but my latest find comes from Seton Hill (not to be confused with Seton Hall) and the class of Dennis Jerz, who is teaching an online videogame culture class at the university. The class, which began early this month, tracks
student participation, gives assignments and encourages discussion
among the students via their own university blogs. —

So far, student blogs connected to this course have attracted comments from Raph “A Theory of Fun” Koster and Scott “Adventureland” Adams. After the holiday, the course will be geared towards a final paper and research project.

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