iPad WiFi issue with T-Mobile

I’ve checked into the hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, in order to read the AP English Literature exams. People on the shuttle and in the dining hall are very friendly. I’ve nothing to do for the rest of the day, and am just chilling in the hotel room.

My laptop logged into the hotel’s WiFi network without any trouble, but not my iPad. Apple and T-Mobile seem to be pointing fingers at each other over the problem, which has no known fix.

Symptom: getting the necessary IP addresses from the DHCP server works fine. After that the Hotspot web pages come in fine, too. However, clicking on the “Log In” button doesn’t work anymore. Nothing happens. After a while, even the “Cancel” or back buttons don’t work and the web content isn’t movable with a finger. Only the iPad’s Home button helps. —apple.com

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  1. I’ve marked hundreds of answers to the same question, which has given me some great insights into how students read and misread both the sample text and the prompt, and how that reading affects what they write. After yesterday’s session there was a long line in the pain reliever aisle at the local drugstore, but aside from the wear and tear on my body, my only complaint is that when I get a teaching insight, I can’t pause what I’m doing and start drafting a new handout. Yesterday I jotted down some ideas during a break, but last night when I went back to those ideas, I couldn’t reconstruct the idea that seemed crystal clear a few hours earlier when I had to push it aside.
    I was very nervous the first day, and felt a great relief when after our first orienting activities I saw evidence that I was on the right track. I don’t actually recall feeling that nervous about college. I’m sure I was nervous, but the memory has faded. So remembering what it feels like to be new, and nervous, was a side benefit that I hadn’t expected.

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