Updating my "Writing About Interactive Fiction" page

Creating interactive fiction (a genre also know as “text adventures”)
means writing computer code that represents objects and behaviors, while
also creating interesting characters, a compelling plot, and maybe a
few narrative surprises, all of which can be assembled for a reader to
experience in multiple different ways.

The resources that
follow are intended to provide some sense of the challenges
of writing interactive fiction.

A particularly exciting development in interactive fiction was
2006 release of Inform
, a complete package for writing, debugging, mapping,
and publishing interactive fiction games playable on a wide
range of
platforms, including PCs, Macs, and handhelds. Inform 7 code
is designed
to resemble ordinary English as much as possible, and is thus
an excellent choice
for verbal
thinkers who are not trained as programmers. —Writing About Interactive Fiction

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