IPad Gets The University Treatment This Fall

Just a small item.

The iPad is about to have its academic chops put to the test this fall in a number of programs around the country. Colleges and universities are looking to adopt the iPad as a collaborative tool, a standardized mobile device to integrate into curriculums, and, in some cases, even a cost-saving device. —Wired

At SHU, faculty members who wanted iPads had to submit a proposal that
explained what we intended to use the iPad for. I’m very pleased to see
the amount of effort that our school is putting in to training the staff
so that we are making the most use of the tech. The part-timers and
adjuncts who teach freshman writing courses will also have the same
technology, which I take as a great sign of respect for and trust in our
first-year-writing program (where I spend about 1/4 of my teaching

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